Since I backdate most of my posts to the 1970s, this page might make it easier for the returning readers to catch up on new things without following the blog through email notifications.

March 2020

Hutch’s “The Sugar Shoppe” Record
Hutch’s “Meet Anna Black” Record
Hutch’s Venice Place Fireplace
Hutch’s Pipe-Smoking Piggy Bank
Starsky and Hutch’s Shared Bedroom Lamp
Hutch’s GraniteWare Roasting Pan

October 2019

Hutch’s Zuni Watch
Hutch’s Gold Pocket Watch
Starsky’s Tissot Visodate Seastar Watch
Updated post: Hutch’s Moon and Star Necklace

September 2019

Hutch’s Puma Clyde III Sneakers
Starsky’s Mexican Sweater (aka the Starsky sweater)
Starsky and Hutch’s Nike Le Village Sneakers
Starsky’s Chinese Coin Necklace
Starsky’s Silver and Black Bracelet
Starsky’s Blue Adidas SL-72 Sneakers

August 2019

Starsky’s Nixie Tube Clock
Hutch’s Copper Bread Box
Hutch’s Star Pendant Lamps
Hutch’s Renaissance Chessmen

July 2019

Starsky’s Ford Gran Torino
Hutch’s Nash Metropolitan, “Belle”
Hutch’s Ford Galaxie 500
Hutch’s Smith & Wesson Model 10
Hutch’s Colt Python(s)
Starsky’s Colt M1911A1
Starsky’s Smith & Wesson 59

Hutch’s Cupid and Psyche Statuette

June 2019:

Starsky’s Black Leather Jacket
Starsky’s Fur Collar Flight Jacket
Starsky’s Peacock Chair(s)