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An inventory of stuff belonging to Dave Starsky and Ken Hutchinson

Starsky’s Brown Plaid Jacket — January 23, 1979
Starsky’s Black Leather Jacket — March 12, 1977

Starsky’s Black Leather Jacket

Starsky loves his leather jackets, which (like his jeans) were often pretty grungy. This black one, on the other hand, was very shiny and clean, even after he wore it quite a lot in Season 3. It was introduced late in Season 2 and probably had its most memorable moment in Starsky’s walk around the porch in Class in Crime (unless you count the tag of Starsky vs. Hutch). With its simple cut and lack of decorative details, it strikes me as way more macho garment than Hutch’s black leather jacket – or maybe that’s all about the swagger of the man wearing it. If you got it, flaunt it, boy!

Starsky wears it in:

02-23 Long Walk Down a Short Dirt Road
02-24 Murder on Stage 17
02-25 Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty
03-03 Fatal Charm
03-04 I Love You, Rosey Malone
03-08 Heroes
03-09 The Plague, Part 1
03-11 The Collector
03-13 Action
03-16 Trap
03-18 Class in Crime
03-19 Hutchinson for Murder One
03-20 Foxy Lady
03-23 Deckwatch
04-04 Photo Finish
04-13 Golden Angel
04-21 Starsky vs. Hutch

Starsky’s Brown Leather Jacket — October 2, 1976

Starsky’s Brown Leather Jacket

This one needs no introductions: it’s the one that ends up with bullet holes in the back. It is as much part of Starsky as the Torino, and probably his favorite garment in the show. Enthusiasts mention it is a “Dockworker” jacket by the California-based sportswear label Golden Bear.

A quick count tells me Starsky wore the jacket in over a third of all episodes, of which all but one were in S2-S3. The exception, of course, is Sweet Revenge. It’d be easier to list the S2-S3 episodes in which he didn’t wear it, but for the sake of completeness, here goes:

Starsky wears it in:

02-01 Murder at Sea, Part 1
02-05 Gillian
02-06 Bust Amboy
02-07 The Vampire
02-08 The Specialist
02-09 Tap Dancing Her Way Right Back Into Your Hearts
02-11 Nightmare
02-12 Iron Mike
02-13 Little Girl Lost
02-14 Bloodbath
02-15 The Psychic
02-16 The Set-Up, Part 1
02-17 The Set-Up, Part 2
02-18 Survival
02-19 Starsky’s Lady
02-20 Huggy Bear and The Turkey
02-21 The Committee
02-22 The Velvet Jungle
02-24 Murder on Stage 17
02-25 Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty
03-01 Starsky and Hutch on Playboy Island, Part 1
03-03 Fatal Charm
03-04 I Love You, Rosey Malone
03-07 The Crying Child
03-08 The Heroes
03-09 The Plague, Part 1
03-10 The Plague, Part 2
03-12 Manchild on the Streets
03-13 The Action
03-14 The Heavyweight
03-15 A Body Worth Guarding
03-17 Satan’s Witches
03-18 Class in Crime
03-19 Hutchinson for Murder One
03-22 Quadromania
04-22 Sweet Revenge

PS. Here’s the jacket when Paul finally sold it in a charity auction in the 2000s. There are three bullet holes in the back, but also one on the side, and I’ve been told there was a fifth hole somewhere, possibly on the sleeve.

Starsky’s Donald Duck Jacket —

Starsky’s Donald Duck Jacket

I leave it to you to decide if this blue jacket with white details really belongs to Starsky or if he snatched it for temporary personal use from the endlessly outrageous Metro undercover garment stash: he first wears it in his undercover role as the ship’s entertainer in “Murder at Sea, Part 1”, but the second and last time he sports it (again with the memorable cut-off jeans) in his free time in the opening scene of “Vendetta”. It’s a pity it’s only seen in these two episodes – the strangely cross-eyed Donald Duck emblem on the breast somehow makes it perfect Starsky-wear – childish but worn with such attitude that you don’t mess with this guy just because he chooses to wear silly clothes. The long white drawstrings hanging from the hem perfect the goofy look.

EDIT: Not cross-eyed after all:

Starsky wears it in:

02-03 Murder at Sea, Part 1 (undercover)
02-10 Vendetta

Starsky’s Fur Collar Flight Jacket — November 26, 1975

Starsky’s Fur Collar Flight Jacket

In the second half of Season 1, Starsky often wears what could be a genuine WW2 flight jacket (search for G-1 or A-2 flight jackets to find similar ones available online). It’s very, very worn – or I should say “they are” very worn, as you can easily spot at least two different jackets based on the wear patterns (e.g. the one in the above screenshot from Omaha Tiger has distinct stitch marks from a round patch that has been removed from the front – in other episodes, there’s only a little general wear there). For the fun of dwelling in the fictional universe, though: where did Starsky get the jacket from? A relative? A second-hand shop? And why did he stop wearing it after just a few months? Hmm, maybe Starsky got spooked by the déjà vu after the second time he got spaghetti sauce thrown all over him while chasing Fireball, wearing this jacket (the scene from Omaga Tiger was used again in The Psychic) and superstitiously decided it wasn’t worth getting the jacket cleaned… And maybe it worked: at least we never saw Fireball again!

Starsky wears it in:

01-12 Terror on the Docks
01-13 The Deadly Imposter
01-14 Shootout
01-15 The Hostages
01-16 Losing Streak
01-17 Silence
01-18 Omaha Tiger
01-20 Running
01-21 A Coffin for Starsky
01-22 Bounty Hunter
02-15 The Psychic (opening scene recycled from Omaha Tiger)

Starsky’s Blue Windbreaker Jacket — September 10, 1975

Starsky’s Blue Windbreaker Jacket

Starsky wore this jacket regularly in Season 1 and occasionally in Season 2. It was part of one of his classic looks: blue Adidas, blue jeans, blue t-shirt/light blue shirt, and blue jacket. That outfit remains a cosplay favorite.

Some details for replica-seekers: the jacket is almost blackish blue, very simple cut with moderately sized collar, elastic in the cuffs, and two vertical pockets outside and probably two breast pockets inside (e.g. Hutch checks and Starsky himself pats both sides looking for a pencil in “Savage Sunday”). The tops of the seven metal snaps are slightly brighter blue than the fabric. Starsky usually closes only the two bottom snaps.

Starsky wears it in:

01-01 Savage Sunday
01-02 Death Ride
01-03 Texas Longhorn
01-04 Snowstorm
01-05 The Fix
01-06 Death Notice
01-07 Pariah
01-08 Kill Huggy Bear
01-11 Captain Dobey, You’re Dead
01-12 Terror on the Docks
01-15 Hostages
01-19 Jo-Jo
02-01 The Las Vegas Strangler, Part 1
02-07 Vampire
02-11 Nightmare
02-12 Iron Mike
02-19 Survival
03-07 The Crying Child (the opening scene recycled from Nightmare)

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