Property of Starsky & Hutch

An inventory of stuff belonging to Dave Starsky and Ken Hutchinson

Starsky’s Chinese Coin Necklace — September 17, 1977

Starsky’s Chinese Coin Necklace

Although it’s one of Starsky’s most iconic accessories, the simple necklace made of black double string (possibly leather cord) and replicas of ancient Chinese bronze coins only appears in the latter half the show, in 03-01 “Starsky and Hutch on Playboy Island”. Then it is seen in almost every S3 and S4 episode. It’s there on Starsky’s neck even when he’s in the ICU in “Sweet Revenge”! I currently think that the only episode where Starsky doesn’t wear it is 03-05 “Murder Ward” – not even in the tag, when Starsky is no longer undercover in the mental hospital, just visiting.

But are there two or three coins on the necklace? I can’t decide. Most of the time it looks like two, but sometimes like three (even within the same scene, so it’s unlikely there were different versions, and anyway it looks like Paul Michael Glaser rarely took the necklace off once he made it in 1977). Maybe the third coin in the middle is smaller, which might explain why it’s rarely seen? I’ll have to keep my eyes open for better photos.

It’s also impossible to tell what exact symbols the coins have, but the coins look roughly like this, with symbols on all four sides of the square hole (at least on the sides that are visible; the other side could be different). Similar coins are easily available – look for Feng Shui coins, I Ching coins, or just Chinese lucky coins.

Starsky’s Silver and Black Bracelet — September 10, 1975

Starsky’s Silver and Black Bracelet

In the earliest Season 1 episodes, Starsky wears an interesting silver and black bracelet on his right wrist. It’s best seen in 01-03 “Death Ride”, from which most screenshots above are from. The exception is the middle one which comes from a photo of Paul playing guitar outside his house, in June 1975 (according to Getty Archives) – he wears it in a lot of early S&H publicity shots dated to that June.

Starsky wears the bracelet all through 01-01 “Savage Sunday”, but in “Death Ride”, he has the bracelet on only in the gas station/diner scene, then it disappears during the van sequence. Does he ever wear it again? I don’t know. It would be tempting to say he lost it during the filming of “Death Ride”, but Paul still wears it in the Husky&Starch beach photoshoot, which is said to have taken later, during the filming of 01-14 “The Deadly Imposter”.

It looks like about half of the bracelet is silver, the other half consists perhaps of a bunch of black leather strings with a couple of silver rings moving along them. Is the leather part flexible or is there a metal band inside it to keep it in shape? On both sides, there is a thicker silver part where the metal meets leather – on one side, there seems to be a clasp in this thicker part (see top left pic). In the bottom left pic, the bracelet is open, but perhaps the clasp just opened when Starsky leaned his wrist on the corner of the building.

Starsky’s Pinky Rings — April 30, 1975

Starsky’s Pinky Rings

Starsky wears two rings in his left pinky all through the show, one golden with some kind of knot, and another a braided silver band.

The rings are Paul’s – he wore them outside the show, as well as in other projects before and after “Starsky and Hutch”. To my knowledge, Paul has never told where the rings came from or what they signified to him. According to dedicated PMG fans, he stopped wearing them sometime after marrying Elizabeth.

In fanon, there’s rather wide agreement that the rings belonged to Starsky’s father, but nothing is ever said about their history in the show.

When using stunt guys/doubles, they rarely bothered to add this detail to the Starsky costume, so when you see Starsky in action without his rings, or close-up of his hand without them, it’s almost certainly a stunt guy/double. Sometimes, like in “The Action” when he switches the dice, you do see a close-up of “Starsky’s hand” with a different ring on it.

There is a small curiosity about the look of the rings in S4 (see the pictures below). In previous seasons, the silver and gold bands sit closely together, but in S4 (maybe already in late S3) there almost always seems to be a wider gap between the rings that doesn’t seem to be just shadows. I’ll keep looking for clearer close-ups before making any definite claims, but an additional ring, maybe a narrow bronze braid, wouldn’t be impossible.

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