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Hutch’s Green T-shirts — October 29, 1975

Hutch’s Green T-shirts

One of Hutch’s staple pieces of clothing especially during S2 and S3 are green short-sleeved t-shirts. The one you see most often is dark green with a breast pocket (the first screenshot is the first appearance from 01-08 “Kill Huggy Bear” – looks like there’s something in the pocket, pulling the shirt down from the left side). This green shirt has many fine moments (pulled on, pulled off, getting sweaty), especially in 02-08 “The Specialist” and 03-11 “The Manchild on the Streets”.

However, there are two slightly different green t-shirts Hutch sometimes wears: first, a one-hit-wonder with a white print on it from 01-20 “Running”, and second, a lighter green shirt without a pocket that appears late in S2 (here getting sweaty in 03-05 Death in a Different Place).

When worn under a buttoned-up shirt, it’s sometimes hard to tell if it’s the lighter or the darker t-shirt, so I haven’t specified it on list below.

Hutch wears some variety of green t-shirts in:

01-08 Kill Huggy Bear
01-12 Terror on the Docks
01-13 Captain Dobey, You’re Dead
01-16 Losing Streak
01-18 Omaha Tiger
01-19 JoJo
01-20 Running (this one with print)
01-22 Bounty Hunter
02-05 Gillian
02-06 Bust Amboy
02-08 The Specialist
02-10 Vendetta
02-11 Nightmare
02-14 Bloodbath
02-15 The Psychic
02-16 The Set-Up, Part 1
02-17 The Set-Up, Part 2
02-19 Starsky’s Lady
02-20 Huggy Bear and The Turkey (the first appearance of the lighter one?)
02-21 The Committee
02-24 Murder on Stage 17
02-25 Starsky and Hutch are Guilty
03-01 Starsky and Hutch on Playboy Island
03-02 Fatal Charm
03-03 I Love You, Rosey Malone
03-05 Death in a Different Place
03-07 Heroes
03-08 The Plague, Part 1
03-11 Manchild on the Streets
03-12 The Heavyweight
03-15 The Trap
03-18 Class in Crime
03-21 Quadromania
04-01 Discomania
04-03 Blindfold
04-11 Cover Girl
04-14 Ballad for a Blue Lady


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