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An inventory of stuff belonging to Dave Starsky and Ken Hutchinson

Hutch’s Blue Double Pocket Knit Hoodie — November 26, 1975

Hutch’s Blue Double Pocket Knit Hoodie

A navy blue knit hoodie with a double pocket in front and a button to wrap the floppy shawl collar more comfortably around your neck – if I ever throw a proper fangirl moment over a garment, it’s probably this one. Totally squee-worthy!

Unfortunately, after the promising start in S1, the sightings of this lovely hoodie are few and far between. It may have been David’s own – at least he wore it in a talk show interview with Merv Griffin.

Hutch wears it in:

01-12 Terror on the Docks
01-16 Losing Streak
01-17 Silence
02-13 Little Girl Lost
03-15 A Body Worth Guarding

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