Property of Starsky & Hutch

An inventory of stuff belonging to Dave Starsky and Ken Hutchinson

Starsky and Hutch’s Red Sweater — March 3, 1976

Starsky and Hutch’s Red Sweater

Starsky and Hutch share a few items over the course of the series. The most famous example is this red sweater. It is what I call “tag wear”, a garment only seen in tags.

Starsky/Hutch wears it in:
01-21 A Coffin for Starsky (Hutch)
02-18 Survival (Starsky)
02-19 Starsky’s Lady (Starsky)
02-24 Murder on Stage 17 (Starsky)

Hutch’s Blue Double Pocket Knit Hoodie — November 26, 1975

Hutch’s Blue Double Pocket Knit Hoodie

A navy blue knit hoodie with a double pocket in front and a button to wrap the floppy shawl collar more comfortably around your neck – if I ever throw a proper fangirl moment over a garment, it’s probably this one. Totally squee-worthy!

Unfortunately, after the promising start in S1, the sightings of this lovely hoodie are few and far between. It may have been David’s own – at least he wore it in a talk show interview with Merv Griffin.

Hutch wears it in:

01-12 Terror on the Docks
01-16 Losing Streak
01-17 Silence
02-13 Little Girl Lost
03-15 A Body Worth Guarding

Hutch’s Electric Blue Sweater — September 17, 1975

Hutch’s Electric Blue Sweater

Almost reduced to “tag wear”, this strikingly blue sweater makes a couple of longer appearances in Losing Streak and The Omaha Tiger, the opening of which was recycled in the S2 episode The Psychic. Otherwise it is not seen outside S1.

Hutch wears it in:

01-02 Texas Longhorn
01-03 The Deathride
01-07 The Pariah
01-14 Shootout
01-16 Losing Streak
01-18 The Omaha Tiger
02-15 The Psychic (the opening scene recycled from The Omaha Tiger)

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