Property of Starsky & Hutch

An inventory of stuff belonging to Dave Starsky and Ken Hutchinson

Hutch’s Light Brown/Green Plaid Dress Shirt — March 6, 1979
Hutch’s Brown/Blue Plaid Shirt — February 15, 1978
Hutch’s Dark Brown Plaid Shirt — February 8, 1978
Hutch’s Red/Blue Plaid Hunting Shirt —
Hutch’s Light Brown Plaid Dress Shirt — January 25, 1978
Hutch’s Big White/Brown Check Shirt — January 14, 1978
Hutch’s Brown/Red Plaid Shirt — October 29, 1977
Hutch’s White/Green/Red Plaid Shirt (with green collar lining) —
Hutch’s Pink/Black/Grey Plaid Shirt — October 22, 1977
Hutch’s Dark Green/Orange Plaid Shirt — January 22, 1977
Hutch’s White/Red/Black Plaid Shirt — January 15, 1977

Hutch’s White/Red/Black Plaid Shirt


This is an occasion where the garment “doubles” seem to have a story to tell. You can see from the tips of the collar that the shirt Hutch wears in The Psychic and that gets torn and bloody in the end is not the same one that appears in later episodes. So, one is inclined to think that Hutch really, really likes this shirt and either bought two of them to begin with, or got himself a new one after the first one got destroyed. Or maybe it’s another replacement type of gift from Starsky (like the car in Survival)?

Hutch wears it in:

02-15 The Psychic (shirt #1)
02-21 The Committee
02-22 The Velvet Jungle

Hutch’s Light Blue Plaid Shirt — November 6, 1976

Hutch’s Light Blue Plaid Shirt

In the pictures above (from The Specialist and S&H are Guilty), there are actually two different shirts of the same fabric (notice e.g. the details around left shoulder seam, or the left breast pocket). In my plaid statistics post, I’ve counted these as one item, because with most garments it’s hard or impossible to tell such “doubles” apart and it would just complicate things. I’ve only posted about nearly identical garments separately, if one is obviously damaged beyond repair in one episode and then another similar one reappears in a later episode.

Hutch wears it in:

02-08 The Specialist
02-11 Nightmare
02-25 Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty
03-03 Fatal Charm
03-05 Murder Ward
03-06 Death in a Different Place
03-07 The Crying Child (the opening scene recycled from Nightmare)
03-14 The Heavyweight

Hutch’s Brown Plaid Shirt — October 30, 1976
Hutch’s Red/Orange Plaid Shirt —
Hutch’s Red/White/Blue Short-Sleeve Plaid Shirt — October 16, 1976
Hutch’s White/Light Blue Plaid Shirt — September 25, 1976
Hutch’s Colorful Check Shirt — April 21, 1976
Hutch’s Big Brown Plaid Shirt — November 12, 1975
Hutch’s White/Green/Brown Plaid Shirt — October 15, 1975
Hutch’s Dark Green/Blue Plaid Shirt — October 1, 1975
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