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An inventory of stuff belonging to Dave Starsky and Ken Hutchinson

Hutch’s Silver Chain — October 24, 1978

Hutch’s Silver Chain

The silver chain here looks a little too thin and a little too long to be the chain of the claw necklace Hutch went on to wear regularly in S4. So this must be some other chain he wore just this once.

Hutch wears it in: 

04-06 Strange Justice

Hutch’s Claw Necklace —

Hutch’s Claw Necklace

One of Hutch’s S4 wardrobe additions, this necklace is often seen together with his favorite moon-and-star necklace.

Hutch wears it in:

04-06 Strange Justice
04-08 Dandruff
04-10 The Groupie
04-11 Cover Girl
04-12 Starsky’s Brother
04-15 Birds of a Feather
04-13 The Golden Angel (with the moon necklace)
04-14 Ballad for a Blue Lady (with the moon necklace)
04-16 Ninety Pounds of Trouble (with the moon necklace)
04-18 Targets Without a Badge, Part 1 (with the moon necklace)
04-19 Targets Without a Badge, Part 2 (with the moon necklace)
04-20 Targets Without a Badge, Part 3 (with the moon necklace)
04-21 Starsky vs. Hutch

In some of these episodes (e.g. Strange Justice), Hutch wears it under a t-shirt, but the shape can be seen through the fabric.

Hutch’s Shark Tooth Necklace — September 12, 1978
Hutch’s Moon and Star Necklace — October 29, 1977

Hutch’s Moon and Star Necklace

As necklaces go, this is one of Hutch’s favorites. It was one of those things I thought Hutch wore “all the time”, but surprisingly, its first ever appearance comes quite a few episodes into S3. In S4, he often wears it together with the claw necklace.

Hutch wears it in: 

03-08 The Heroes
03-11 The Collector
03-12 Manchild on the Streets
03-13 The Action
03-15 A Body Worth Guarding
04-13 The Golden Angel (with the claw necklace)
04-14 Ballad for a Blue Lady (with the claw necklace)
04-16 Ninety Pounds of Trouble (with the claw necklace)
04-17 Huggy Can’t Go Home
04-18 Targets Without a Badge, Part 1 (with the claw necklace)
04-19 Targets Without a Badge, Part 2 (with the claw necklace)
04-20 Targets Without a Badge, Part 3 (with the claw necklace)
04-22 Sweet Revenge

Details for replica hunters: The color is off-white or very pale yellow, material most likely some sort of plastic. I think it’s next to impossible to find a readymade replica out there, so it might be worth getting in touch with a polymer clay artist who takes custom orders (e.g. on Etsy). With very little material and a simple one-color design, a custom job might not cost much. Just specify the size of the moon charm and ask the artist about how the charms would be best attached on a chain/string so that they stay at a fixed distance from each other. I’d say the moon charm is about 0,8-1 inches high (though consider its size in proportion to the face of the person wearing it). It has some man-on-the-moon face details on it, and it’s identical on both sides, as Hutch wears the necklace both ways (with star on the right or star on the left), which leaves a question of how exactly the charms are attached to the chain. They do not hang loosely from the chain, they are *on* it. The star could be a bead style charm, meaning there’s simply a hole through it, or it could have a tight loop at the back. The moon probably has a small, tight loop at the back curve of the top tip. The chain itself might not be metal, it never sparkles or moves like a metal chain would – some sort of string might be a better choice.

The original necklace was David Soul’s own: there are a few versions of where it came from (from Lynne Marta, from a party thrown by Aaron Spelling…). At some point after Starsky and Hutch ended, the moon charm was replaced with a new one that doesn’t have any moon face details.

Hutch’s Ring — February 5, 1977

Hutch’s Ring

Hutch takes to wearing a large ring with a flat, green-ish stone setting during the second season. The ring was David Soul’s own, according to some sources a gift from his then girlfriend Lynne Marta (see e.g. S&H UK monthly magazine, issue 23, page 26). You can see him wearing it in his post-S&H works, too, such as Salem’s Lot. It is an impressive piece of Native American jewelry, either Navajo or Zuni. The UK magazine mentions the design has not only turquoise but also jet in it, but it’s hard to find a good, sharp close up of the stone. The more I look at it, an intricate turquoise/malachite/coral/opal/jet inlay wouldn’t be impossible.

This is the best photo I’ve found so far:

I think the ring first appears in 02-18 “Survival”, although there it looks like David Soul just forgot to take it off: Hutch doesn’t have the ring when he hurts his finger while cooking, but it’s on him when he drives out to the supposed meet. Then, the ring disappears for the duration of Hutch’s ordeal in the canyon, only to reappear in the tag. In “Survival”, Hutch wears it on his right ring finger, but he often switches it to the left hand (not sure, but it might be on his index finger sometimes, too).

The ring comes and goes for a while, but becomes a signature piece of jewelry for Hutch by Season 3; by Season 4, you rarely see him without it.

Hutch’s Christmas Necklace — December 25, 1976

Hutch’s Christmas Necklace

I’m calling this the Christmas necklace, because the only time Hutch ever wears this large triangular pendant is at the 1976 Christmas party at Kiko’s. It looks like a stone inlay set in silver, but it’s hard for me to say what types of stones are used. But I can guess: the red bits in the middle might be coral, and maybe the blue areas are pieces of turquoise and opal? It is most likely a piece of Native American jewelry (Navajo or Zuni), possibly an arrowhead type of pendant with its slightly rounded sides.

Hutch wears it in: 

02-13 Little Girl Lost (tag)

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