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Analysis and Statistics: Plaid — June 17, 2018

Analysis and Statistics: Plaid

For a long time, I told people congratulating me on my dedication to research S&H stuff that the day I start counting Hutch’s gazillion plaid shirts, I’m ready to be moved to Cabrillo State. But eventually I did just that (and that was when this blog was born). Here are some insights into the boys’ plaid-wearing:

  •  Unsurprisingly, Hutch wins the plaid count: 25 plaid shirts or jackets to Starsky’s 14. (I counted garments that are part of their personal wardrobe, not undercover stuff, and only the ones with full/nearly full plaid on the outside. For example, Starsky’s iconic brown leather jacket has a plaid lining, but I’m not counting that. Like actors, the garments in the show also have doubles, and plaid doubles can be spotted relatively easily, but I counted them separately only if a garment mysteriously reappeared after it had been destroyed in a previous episode.)
  •  Starsky wears no plaid at all in S1, and in only 2 episodes in S2 (“The Specialist” and “The Velvet Jungle”; not counting the one in “Murder on Stage 17”, as it’s most likely part of the movie company’s wardrobe – but Starsky seems to pinch it.).
  • Hutch’s plaid habit is at its strongest in S2: he wears plaid in 21 out of 25 episodes!
  • However, S3 is the most plaid-heavy season: Starsky wears plaid in 14 and Hutch in 16 episodes.
  • Hutch wears hardly any plaid in S4, only in the “Targets” arch: in addition to one new plaid dress shirt, one of his old plaids reappears.
  • Starsky wears more plaid in S4 than Hutch: in 5 episodes, and four of those garments have never been seen before in the show.
  • Starsky and Hutch don’t do any plaid swapping.

Which plaids do they wear the most? Starsky’s favorite plaids are the dark purple one (S3) and the brown one with small pattern (S3-S4), both worn in 4 episodes. The other 12 plaids appear only once or twice.

Hutch’s favorite plaid by far is the Big Green, worn in 12 episodes (S1-S2). Next comes the light blue one, in 8 episodes (S2-S3), and the third place goes to the very dark green/blue (S1) and the lovely orange (S2-S3), which are both seen 7 episodes. The other 21 appear in 5 or fewer episodes.

PS. Cabrillo State is a great place! 😀

Starsky’s White/Blue/Brown Plaid Shirt — March 6, 1979
Hutch’s Light Brown/Green Plaid Dress Shirt —
Starsky’s White/Blue/Red Plaid — January 23, 1979
Starsky’s Brown Plaid Jacket —
Starsky’s Light Summer Plaid — September 12, 1978
Starsky’s Red/White/Green Plaid Shirt — May 10, 1978
Starsky’s Brown Plaid Shirt (S3-S4) — March 1, 1978
Hutch’s Brown/Blue Plaid Shirt — February 15, 1978
Starsky’s White/Black Small Check Shirt — February 8, 1978
Hutch’s Dark Brown Plaid Shirt —
Hutch’s Red/Blue Plaid Hunting Shirt —
Hutch’s Light Brown Plaid Dress Shirt — January 25, 1978
Hutch’s Big White/Brown Check Shirt — January 14, 1978
Starsky’s White/Blue Small Check Shirt — November 26, 1977
Starsky’s Yellow Plaid Shirt — November 19, 1977
Hutch’s Brown/Red Plaid Shirt — October 29, 1977
Hutch’s White/Green/Red Plaid Shirt (with green collar lining) —
Starsky’s Red/Blue/White/Black Plaid Shirt —
Hutch’s Pink/Black/Grey Plaid Shirt — October 22, 1977
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