Property of Starsky & Hutch

An inventory of stuff belonging to Dave Starsky and Ken Hutchinson

Starsky’s Four-poster Bed (Ridgeway) — February 26, 1976

Starsky’s Four-poster Bed (Ridgeway)

How Starsky went from this bed in his Ridgeway house to the simple, modern one in his Tree House is beyond me. One explanation would be that he had rented this Ridgeway house furnished. Very little of the stuff from this apartment follows him to his new place. (Funny, some stuff, like a couple of lamps, this bedside table lamp included, move to Venice Place instead!)

I’m not sure if this bed is a monstrosity or a marvel. The velvety patchwork bedspread is very baroque in itself. The bed frame has leather padding. And it has mirrors. Lots of mirrors. It has three mirrors on top:

And of course there’s that one mirror at the head between the leather padded panels, and if you look closely at the reflection, you see the mirror and the leather paddings are reflected back, which means, yes, Starsky has one more mirror on the wall at the foot of the bed:

On the inner corners, there are handy little shelves for small stuff. That quaint porcelain decoration is not exactly what you’d expect to see there, though!

The bed is seen in:

01-20 Running
01-21 A Coffin For Starsky

Starsky’s Peacock Chair(s) — February 25, 1976

Starsky’s Peacock Chair(s)

Yes, there are two different peacock chairs: the one seen in Starsky’s Ridgeway apartment in Season 1 (01-21 Running) is one of the few items he takes with him to the Tree House in Season 2. There, the chair is replaced with a more elaborately decorated chair in Season 3 (first seen in 03-04 Rosey Malone). As seen in photos from this era, Paul Michael Glaser had a similar fashionable chair in his home – his chair looks like it was chewed to death by his beloved dogs, but nothing tells us how Starsky’s first chair met its end. It is last seen in the very last minutes of Season 2, when Starsky and Hutch notice Starsky’s place has been broken into – maybe what we don’t see after the film freezes is them making a mad dash for the phone to call the station and accidentally smashing the chair on their way.

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