Property of Starsky & Hutch

An inventory of stuff belonging to Dave Starsky and Ken Hutchinson

Hutch’s Star Pendant Lamps — December 18, 1976

Hutch’s Star Pendant Lamps

In a few episodes – too few, if you ask me! – you can see a frosted glass star pendant lamp hanging in Hutch’s greenhouse. There are two different versions: in the tag of “Iron Mike “(02-12), it’s a really beautiful one with 18 long points, but in the Season 3 episodes it is replaced with a more clunky 7-point star, best seen in “Hutchinson for Murder One” (03-19).

Also called Moravian/Mexican/Moroccan star pendants, the most beautiful versions of these lamps, like the one in “Iron Mike”, seem to be mostly available in the US, and they’re pretty expensive, too. The 7-point version seems even harder to find (actually, haven’t come across a single one like that).

What happened to Hutch’s first star pendant? My head canon is that he breaks it while moving a ladder around in the greenhouse, the klutz that he is. Or possibly it involved an enthusiastic Starsky, armed with a baseball bat or basketball. 🙂

(The photo above is from an eBay sale. It looks almost exactly like the one from “Iron Mike”.)

Starsky and Hutch’s Shared Living Room Lamp — February 25, 1976

Starsky and Hutch’s Shared Living Room Lamp

After being seen once in Starsky’s Ridgeway house in “Running”, this lamp moves to Venice Place, where it stays in one spot behind the couch for the rest of the series, surviving the many attacks on the Hutchinson household. The shade seems to have been changed, but the base is definitely the same. (Left, on the long table in the middle of Starsky’s apartment in “Running”; right, chez Hutch in “Little Girl Lost”.)

Details of the lamp base are seen well in the close-ups in “Running”. I’m no expert in ancient Mesoamerican ceramics, but it has an Aztec pottery vibe to me. Maybe it’s just because of the teeth of that creature (or is it even a creature?) that’s depicted there.

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