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An inventory of stuff belonging to Dave Starsky and Ken Hutchinson

Hutch’s Copper Bread Box — October 22, 1975

Hutch’s Copper Bread Box

This interesting copper bread box is seen as soon we’re invited to step into the kitchen of Hutch’s Canal Cottage in “The Pariah” (above). In the latter half of S1 it wanders around the counter, but returns to sit on top of the frigde when Hutch moves to Venice place.

It’s probably from the 1950s, and according to online auctions of similar items, it is marked “Krestline, Speco Products, Chicago, ILL”. The box has holes at the back for hanging on the wall.  In addition to the bread box, it has four small drawers: two large ones labeled for flour and sugar, and two small ones for coffee and tea. You can see the labels in this photo of an identical bread box from an online auction. The measurements are approximately 45.5 cm x 26 cm x 31 cm).


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