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An inventory of stuff belonging to Dave Starsky and Ken Hutchinson

Hutch’s Big Brass Bed (Venice Place) — October 16, 1976

Hutch’s Big Brass Bed (Venice Place)

The brass bed at Venice Place is one of the notable new items in Hutch’s new home. Still not really private, the sleeping area separated by the wooden folding screen at Venice Place is an improvement compared to the Canal Cottage, where the bed was first right in the middle of the room.

For all we know, Hutch never sleeps in his bed – the only two times we see him on it are when he sits next to Vanessa in the morning (and the bed creaks horribly) in “Hutchinson for Murder One”, and when he calls Marianne in “Ballad for a Blue Lady” (there Hutch is actually horizontal on the bed, but fully clothed on top of the bedspread). Compare that to all the scenes with a sleepy, mostly nude Starsky in his bed – that’s at least three times. Yes, life is unfair.

The bed is seen in most episodes showing us the interior of Hutch’s Venice Place home. In the first one, “Gillian”, it is in the background and the brass frame isn’t visible, but we can assume it’s the same bed. At least the off-white chenille bedspread is in place.

What about the rest of the bedding? The couple of times we see the pillow cases, they are white (with a vertical stripe pattern woven in in “Murder One”), and in “Targets, Part 3” we see a blanket or a top sheet, light yellow with some texture. In “Murder One”, Vanessa slept wrapped in the bedspread, no top sheet there.

Bonus: a panorama put together from that one scene where we see Hutch horizontal on this bed:

Hutch’s Narrow Brass Bed (Canal Cottage) — October 29, 1975

Hutch’s Narrow Brass Bed (Canal Cottage)

Out of Hutch’s three beds, this one is the narrowest. Really, the only reason it makes any sense for him to get such a narrow bed is that he didn’t think a wider one would fit in this corner (the former dining area) of his house – this way, it’s a tight fit next to the window. Apparently it was too narrow for his purposes, but he liked the brass frame, as he gets a wider brass bed to his new apartment in Venice Place.

Just a detail that caught my eye: the bedspread is probably cut to shape – you can see a seam on the long side, and the stripes are vertical at the end of the bed:

The bed is seen in:

01-08 Kill Huggy Bear
01-10 Lady Blue
01-12 Terror on the Docks (only a corner visible)
01-13 The Deadly Imposter
01-14 Shootout
01-20 Running (only a corner visible)
01-22 The Bounty Hunter

Hutch’s First Bed (Canal Cottage) — October 8, 1975

Hutch’s First Bed (Canal Cottage)

The first of Hutch’s three different beds falls victim to the 70s fashions: that brown plaid bedspread is an eyesore.

The structure of the bed is interesting: looks like the shelf and the bedstead are carpenter work specially for this apartment, considering they’re made of the same rough wood material as the walls.

Hutch moves his sleeping area to the alcove after the wall behind the bed here is knocked down and the kitchen renovated. He gets a new bed, but keeps the shelf at the head of this one – it’s moved under the alcove window, and it remains in the same spot in his Venice Place apartment, too.

The bed is seen in: 

01-05 The Fix
01-06 Death Notice
01-07 The Pariah

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