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An inventory of stuff belonging to Dave Starsky and Ken Hutchinson

Hutch’s Narrow Brass Bed (Canal Cottage) — October 29, 1975

Hutch’s Narrow Brass Bed (Canal Cottage)

Out of Hutch’s three beds, this one is the narrowest. Really, the only reason it makes any sense for him to get such a narrow bed is that he didn’t think a wider one would fit in this corner (the former dining area) of his house – this way, it’s a tight fit next to the window. Apparently it was too narrow for his purposes, but he liked the brass frame, as he gets a wider brass bed to his new apartment in Venice Place.

Just a detail that caught my eye: the bedspread is probably cut to shape – you can see a seam on the long side, and the stripes are vertical at the end of the bed:

The bed is seen in:

01-08 Kill Huggy Bear
01-10 Lady Blue
01-12 Terror on the Docks (only a corner visible)
01-13 The Deadly Imposter
01-14 Shootout
01-20 Running (only a corner visible)
01-22 The Bounty Hunter

Hutch’s Couch — October 8, 1975

Hutch’s Couch

The trusty three-seat beige couch with its patterned cushions is seen in all (and put to very good use in many of) the episodes that have scenes in the Canal Cottage or Venice Place, with the single exception of “Iron Mike” where the guys play chess out on the deck.

The life of this couch is one of ups and downs, and I can’t resist telling the whole story of its upholstery in pictures.

“The Suffering Sofa: The Life and Times of One Very Unlucky Piece of Furniture”

In the first two seasons, the couch’s life is easy. From the first sighting in “The Fix” (01-05) to the S2 finale “Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty” (02-25), the couch sees some unpleasant things happen at both the Canal Cottage (Hutch kidnapped) and its new home in Venice Place (Abby attacked), but it doesn’t suffer any physical harm.

Little does it know what is to come in the third season… In “Fatal Charm” (03-03), the cushions have recently received new covers for no apparent reason:

But they are soon stabbed to death by Diana:

Hutch must’ve liked the new covers, because the next time we see the couch in “A Body Worth Guarding” (03-15), they’ve been replaced with identical ones:

But the worst is yet to come. For some reason, the couch has a new Mexican-style look (with a matching hem, too) only a few episodes later, in “Hutchinson for Murder One” (03-19):

But very soon this happens:

The couch survives and, miraculously, in the next episode “Foxy Lady” (03-20), the Mexican look is there again, untouched:

But very soon this happens again:

Season 4 may be a turbulent one for Starsky and Hutch, but for Hutch’s couch, it means the return of peace – and yet another new Mexican look that is so similar to the last one that the hem can stay the same. (In fact, not visible in the picture below, but like in the late S3 cushion covers above, the narrow sides of the S4 cushions are of the same fabric as the couch’s hem.)

No one threatens the couch with knives ever again, which is nice. This upholstery survives all the way from “The Game” (04-02) to the very last sighting in “Starsky vs. Hutch” (04-21).

The End.


Hutch’s First Bed (Canal Cottage) —

Hutch’s First Bed (Canal Cottage)

The first of Hutch’s three different beds falls victim to the 70s fashions: that brown plaid bedspread is an eyesore.

The structure of the bed is interesting: looks like the shelf and the bedstead are carpenter work specially for this apartment, considering they’re made of the same rough wood material as the walls.

Hutch moves his sleeping area to the alcove after the wall behind the bed here is knocked down and the kitchen renovated. He gets a new bed, but keeps the shelf at the head of this one – it’s moved under the alcove window, and it remains in the same spot in his Venice Place apartment, too.

The bed is seen in: 

01-05 The Fix
01-06 Death Notice
01-07 The Pariah

Hutch’s Canal Cottage (Address Unknown) —

Hutch’s Canal Cottage (Address Unknown)

Originally built in 1926, Hutch’s S1 home still exists, though much altered: 232 Sherman Canal, Venice, CA 90291, USA.

From The Bay City Gazetteer: “The Google Street View necessarily shows only the back of the house (houses adjoining the Venice Canals tend to be built facing the Canals), but you can get a reasonable view of the rest of this house with the 45-degree satellite option in Google Street View (or try Google Earth).”

My theory why they changed the filming location for S2 in 1976 is that 236 Sherman Canal – the house on the vacant lot where they used to park the cars – was built in 1976 (this can be checked on many real estate sites). A construction site next door would have made it difficult to get new footage of the house.

The interior of Hutch’s little house goes through some major changes after just three episodes: the kitchen wall is knocked down, the kitchen countertop changed, and the sleeping and dining areas switch places (though it looks like the dining table was brought in only when it was needed in “Death Notice”). All this happens between two consecutively aired episodes, “Pariah” and “Kill Huggy Bear”, though the first time we properly see the changes is in “Lady Blue” when the guys are enjoying their candlelight dinner.

The layout of the house before renovation.
The layout of the house after renovation.

vlcsnap-2018-07-21-21h54m49s57301-10 Lady Blue Chez Hutch Canal Cottage (4)

In summary, the feeling I get from “The Fix” is that Hutch hadn’t lived at the cottage for a long time – then he renovated it to his liking, but something forced him to move away after less than a year (but happily he managed to find a place the layout of which is nearly identical).

The Canal Cottage is seen in:

01-05 The Fix
01-06 Death Notice
01-07 Pariah
01-08 Kill Huggy Bear
01-10 Lady Blue
01-12 Terror on the Docks
01-13 The Deadly Imposter
01-14 Shootout
01-20 Running
01-22 The Bounty Hunter


Hutch’s Piano(s) —

Hutch’s Piano(s)

In the early episodes, Hutch had a small piano in the alcove (in the last sighting in 01-07 “The Pariah”, there was sheet music on it, so he probably even played it).

However, it was gone with the cottage renovation. From “Kill Huggy Bear” forward, there’s a big antique piano in the cottage (apparently serving as a fancy beer stand):

In Venice Place, the same piano is on the wall next to the door.

It’s always there in the background, but Hutch is seen playing it only twice, in “Little Girl Lost”:

And in “Ballad for a Blue Lady”:

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