Hutch’s mustache wasn’t the only major change in the guys’ Season 4 appearance: it was time to get new shoes for everyday wear! Hutch’s Tobaccos and Starsky’s SL-72s were never seen again. Both switching their Adidas to Nike at the same time sounds like The Powers That Be ordered some Nike product placement for this season. It’s funny that they ended up wearing the exact same model, the full leather version of Nike’s popular “Cortez” sneaker, released in the late 1970s as “Le Village”. Not just same model, but same color, too.

An advertisement from 1977 describes “Le Village”: “A beautiful stylish casual shoe with an athletic look. Soft, antique brown leather uppers. Cushier mid soles. As comfortable as they are long wearing.”
The price tag was $28.95.

In-universe, I love the fact that Starsky and Hutch somehow ended up with identical shoes – even if it was by accident, it didn’t bother them as they went on wearing them until the end. I wonder if they ever got their shoes mixed… Hutch probably has bigger feet, but it would still be funny if they eventually got frustrated and had to mark their shoes. Initials on the inside? Red insoles for Starsky?

I haven’t been able to track exactly the same model anywhere online (this 1979 model comes close, except for the orange text at the back), but many details can be seen well enough in the show: