In a few episodes – too few, if you ask me! – you can see a frosted glass star pendant lamp hanging in Hutch’s greenhouse. There are two different versions: in the tag of “Iron Mike “(02-12), it’s a really beautiful one with 18 long points, but in the Season 3 episodes it is replaced with a more clunky 7-point star, best seen in “Hutchinson for Murder One” (03-19).

Also called Moravian/Mexican/Moroccan star pendants, the most beautiful versions of these lamps, like the one in “Iron Mike”, seem to be mostly available in the US, and they’re pretty expensive, too. The 7-point version seems even harder to find (actually, haven’t come across a single one like that).

What happened to Hutch’s first star pendant? My head canon is that he breaks it while moving a ladder around in the greenhouse, the klutz that he is. Or possibly it involved an enthusiastic Starsky, armed with a baseball bat or basketball. šŸ™‚

(The photo above is from an eBay sale. It looks almost exactly like the one from “Iron Mike”.)