Although it looks black-and-white most of the time on screen, the body of the jacket is very dark green.

If you’re looking for a perfect replica, you’ll probably have hard time finding one. In addition to the dark green wool, the details that matter are the light-blue lining, the dark green snaps, and the single-striped knits with double-length cuffs and collar (also notice the stripe on the cuffs and collar is not as wide as in the waistband). Hutch often wears the cuffs folded over, while the collar is usually standing.

Hutch wears it in: 

00-00 The Pilot
01-15 The Hostages
01-17 Silence
01-18 The Omaha Tiger
01-20 Running
01-21 The Bounty Hunter
02-17 The Set-Up, Part 2
03-21 Quadromania
04-20 Targets Without a Badge, Part 3
04-22 Sweet Revenge

The Compendium also mentions Discomania and Playboy Island – if the jacket really appears in those episodes, please let me know where! Technically, the jacket also appears in Vendetta, where Hutch is wearing it in the photo Tommy steals.