Hutch is often thought of as a corduroy guy, but guess what – it looks like these giant flares are the only cords he ever wears. They look really comfortable – nowhere near as tight as the pants these guys usually wear. Why doesn’t Hutch wear more corduroy? One feeble guess: corduroy collects fluff and all kinds of debris (see that bottom on bottom right, after sitting on the ground in “Kill Huggy Bear”). Maybe they decided that denim or twill was simply easier to keep clean from shot to shot? That might make sense, since the cords disappeared by the second half of the first season. Another reason might be that especially dark corduroy like this absorbs light in a way that just doesn’t look that great on film unless the lighting is exceptionally good (which it rarely was in S&H).

Hutch wears them in:

00-00 The Pilot
01-06 Death Notice
01-07 Pariah
01-08 Kill Huggy Bear
01-12 Terror On The Docks